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Whether you chose cording, Czechoslovakian crystal or custom edging colors, you are selecting from the finest materials we can find: European cotton yarn, lycra material for the ears made by the leading Canadian sport textile manufacturer, cording custom made for us in Montreal. Each bonnet is made to your specifications. The attention to details both visible and hidden makes Talisman Fly Bonnets the best and longest lasting bonnets available.

There are 27 edging colors and 17 cords for your selection as well as silver or gold color set Czech. crystal chain. If you wish, a crest embroidered with your monogram or the logo of your farm or sponsor can finish the look of your bonnet. Each bonnet comes with a talisman.This talisman is our trademark as well as a symbol of thanks for all that horses have given to mankind.


Burgundy, dark hunter green, navy, grey, charcoal, black, white, brown, tan

Base Colors


Bonnets can be designed with up to three rows of color. Crystals are additional to rows and must be marked separately.

Trim Colors


#1-V-front with scalloped edge – A traditional style as seen on the bonnets we made for the Canadian Olympic team.

#2- V-front – A contemporary and sleek pointed front, that is original to Talisman Fly Bonnets

#3 ~ U-Style – The popular squared front, another of Talisman’s original styles.


We do provide premium quality embroidering services for our bonnets at an additional charge. A high resolution image will be required for logo processing. Please mark clearly on your order form that you will be requiring this service, and we will discuss details once we contact you directly to confirm your order.


We are currently setting up an online store! In the meantime, simply download and fill out the online order form. Once you have designed your bonnet(s) and recorded your order, email or fax it back to Talisman Equine. Please feel free to contact us directly for any help that might be required in designing your bonnet. Otherwise, we will contact you to confirm your order and to organize billing. Be sure to clearly write down your contact information where requested! We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Orders ship in up to a maximum of three weeks.

For further questions please contact

Click to download order form

  1. Caroline permalink

    Do you have any photos of your long tie down style bonnets? Also, what is the price range for your bonnets? I don’t need specific numbers just an idea!

    • Hello Caroline,
      Thank you for the message. You will find several photos of Tie-Down bonnets on my Facebook page, Talisman Custom Fly Bonnets. Our bonnets are priced at $139CAD, crystal and cording extra.
      Kind regards,

  2. Erica Seas permalink

    Can you make design recommendations? I love the layering of the #2 bonnet above, but prefer the U-shaped style. Our barn colors are navy for the base, hunter green for the trim, with off-white for the piping/accent/monogramming. So, three colors in all. I’m not interested in the scalloping or jewels. Can you design a bonnet for our barn with that information?? Thanks! Erica

    • Hello Erica,

      Thank you for the message. We can easily customize bonnets for the different horse requirements. All we would need is your instructions. Your colours would work well in several combinations. Here are some edging suggestions, all with navy base colour:
      1. hunter cord, with 2 crochet rows beige ( the beige is quite ivory in colour), then 2 rows hunter on the outside
      2. beige cord ( the beige cord is also more ivory in colour), with 1 row beige, then 3 rows hunter on the outside
      3. beige cord with 2 rows beige, 2 rows hunter, 1 row navy on the outside
      4. 1 row beige, 1 row hunter, 2 rows navy on the outside
      5. 2 rows beige, 2 rows hunter, 1 row navy on the outside

      1 row of crochet edging is about 1/4 inch wide, 2 rows are about 1/2 inch wide

      Once you have an idea of what you prefer, we can email a photo of a small sample of the edgings you select so you can have a pretty good idea of the look before we go ahead with the actual bonnets.

      Our pricing is a s follows:
      bonnet: any size, shape or crochet edging colours, regular stretchy ears $139
      cording: $5 per row
      Quiet Ears (padded ears): $30

      shipping in Canada included, sales tax where applicable.

      If you require your logo on the front of the bonnet , we will make an embroidered crest which is then sewn onto the bonnet.There is a one time digitizing fee of $40 ( unless you already have a .emb, or .dst embroidery file of the logo). Crests with your logo embroidered on them are $18 each.

      I would be happy to help with any other questions you may have. Please email them to me at, or if you prefer to call, my cell number is 514-232-2190.

      Kind regards,
      Brigitte Potenza
      Talisman Equine

  3. Erica Seas permalink

    Also, do you recommend transposing the colors to accommodate the different colors or horses? Head and face shapes?

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