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For any questions concerning our product please contact Brigitte Potenza directly:

Mobile: 514.232.2190



Simply download and fill out the online order form. Once you have designed your bonnet(s) and recorded your order, email or fax it back to Talisman Equine. Please feel free to contact us directly for any help that might be required in designing your bonnet. Otherwise, we will contact you to confirm your order and to organize billing. Be sure to clearly write down your contact information where requested! We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. E-transfer accepted for Canadian orders.

Orders ship in up to a maximum of three weeks.

Click to download order form

  1. Erin Botterill permalink

    I am just curious what the difference between Quiet Ears and Extra Quiet Ears is? Also, approximately what is the cost for a bonnet?


    • Hello Erin,

      The “Quiet Ears”™ option has an extra thickness of padding in the front of the ear, as compared to the regular “Quiet Ear”™ lining. Most riders who require padded ears for their horses find the regular “Quiet Ears”™ enough. Bonnets are $139, any size, style or crochet edging colours. Quiet Ears are $35, Extra Quiet $40.

  2. Sydney permalink

    Hi I was going to Order one of your fly bonnets and was wondering how long it takes to receive.


    • Hi Sydney, at this time, please allow 2 weeks for production. If a crest with logo is required, please allow an extra week. Hope that helps!
      Kind regards,
      Talisman Equine

  3. Paige Jacobs permalink

    Hi there
    Could you please send me a email so that I can ask pricing on earmuffs

    Would like to order for our stable based in Belgium . Earmuffs to have our logo of stables or the South African flag on it if it’s possible.

    Thank you very much
    Kind regards
    Paige Jacobs

  4. Erika permalink

    Hi do you have any premade bonnets available? I need one this week. Thanks!

  5. Layne permalink

    Hi, we have a bonnet but the crystal trim has started to fray/come off. Is there any way we could get it repaired or refurbished?

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